Eye Allergies
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Eye Allergies

If you suffer from seasonal eye allergies, consult Gottlieb Eye Center. Many different types of medical treatments for eye allergies are available by prescription. Be sure to see Gottlieb Eye Center for prescription information if you experience unusual eye pain, tearing, itching or swelling.

Eye Drops and Allergies
Your ophthalmologist may prescribe eye drops to treat certain eye conditions, infections or diseases. Before you use any eye drops, be sure to tell Gottlieb Eye Center about any other prescription or nonprescription medications that you are taking or any allergies that you have.

Applying Eye Medication
Always wash your hands before applying eye medication. Open the bottle or tube being careful that its tip does not touch anything. Pull your lower eyelid down with the tip of your finger and look up or into a mirror. Squeeze one drop or a quarter-inch ribbon of ointment into the bottom lid, trying not to touch your eyelid with the tip of the bottle or tube. Close your eye gently to allow the medication to absorb.